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Wellcome to Diamond Team!

Wellcome to

Diamond Team!

Our names are Satu and Toni Rusanen, we have been in the sport – nutrition and wellbeing business since 1995.

We have been active athletes since our early childhood and interest in all kind of sports from winter skiing to inside track sport.

In addition we have created us a carrier as personal trainers and other sport related duties.

The passion to nutrition started when Satu lost her health at the age of 30. She found the help for the challenges concerning intestines, skin, hair and nails from nutrition.

Simultaneously Toni understood how small changes may affect to achieve better results and maximal recover in physical exercise and sports.

The concept was ready!

Our passion is still to help You and Your friends to feel better and to get Your internal Diamond to glow!

Be as Diamond brave and send us an email, so we will help You to feel better!


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More energy!


Sleep well

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Satu Rusanen – Lady Diamond

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